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Let the anchor chain become the new winner of the industry

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   The anchor chain has laid the foundation for the development of the industry, which makes us more confident in the future development, and the anchor chain also brings more colors to it. .

   To obtain a good connection quality for the anchor chain, generally the welding parameters are selected and adjusted. ① When the firing is completed, the section should be heated evenly and the connecting area should have a uniform temperature. ②At the end of sintering, generally high sintering strength is obtained and end face reaction is avoided. ③The deformation must be controlled at a sufficient speed during upsetting to prevent the welding section metal from being fixed too early. At the same time, the amount of deformation must ensure that the metal has some dispersion on the interface surface.

   After years of technology research and development and on the basis of continuously satisfying the diversified needs of our customers, our company produces anchor chains and sells them to domestic coastal and riverside areas.


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