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Anchor technology

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   The basic anchors include determining the location, lowering the anchor, laying range, setting up hooks, and assessing where the ship is over. The ship will seek a place where it is fully protected; there is a suitable venue, enough depth at low tide and enough space for the ship to sway.

   The position of the drop anchor should be close to the downwind or pull current, whichever is strong. As the selected point is approaching, the ship should stop or even start drifting back. The anchor should be quickly, but lowered under control, until it is at the bottom. The ship should continue to float back, and the cable should be turned to control, so it will be relatively straight.

  Once the required range is laid out, the ship should gently force backwards, usually using auxiliary motors, but it is possible to support sails. One hand on the anchor line can telegraph a series of twitches and bumps, indicating anchor drag, or smooth tension indicating digging. As the anchor begins to dig and resists backward force, the engine can be throttled up and ready to set in depth. If the anchor continues to drag, or after the setting has dragged too far, it should be retrieved and moved back to the desired position (or other position selection).


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