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Every chain link must be inspected when using a marine anchor chain

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        We must inspect the marine anchor chain every time we use the marine anchor chain, to ensure the material of the chain, and every chain link must be inspected, focusing on whether there is deformation, corrosion, and inner ring wear. After it is used up, restore it so that it can be used next time. How to restore the anchor chain after it is used up?

        When the ship's anchor chain is used up, it is necessary to restore the anchor chain. The steps are as follows:

        1) Twist the anchor chain in, connect the first and second anchor chains, and then twist the anchor chain on the deck into the chain cabin.

        2) Untie the safety cable, send out the stranded cable from the fairlead and connect it with the anchor shackle, and the other end of the stranded cable is wound on the drum.

        3) Twist in the stranded cable, and release the hanging cable when the hanging cable is slack.

        4) Twist in the anchor chain and loosen the twisted cable at the same time. When the anchor is hung vertically under the chain cylinder, untie the twisted cable.

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