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How to determine the quality of the shackle?

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  Shackle is a kind of rigging. Shackles commonly used in the domestic market are generally divided into three categories: national standard, American standard, and Japanese standard according to production standards. Among them, the American standard is the most commonly used because it is widely used because of its small size and large load-bearing weight.

  The shackle is an important connecting piece, and it is also a very important part of the lifting operation. The shackle is relatively round and can connect the wire rope buckle and the lifting lug, thereby playing a protective role for the wire rope. Today we will talk about the method of identifying the quality of the shackle.

  First look at the surface of the shackle. The surface treatment of the shackle generally includes galvanizing (hot-dip and electroplating), coating, and dacromet. The rigging forms a dense protective film through the surface treatment, which plays a role of corrosion and rust prevention. , Not only makes the shackle more beautiful but also more durable. High-quality shackles are mostly electroplated, which looks delicate and smooth, with uniform and bright color.

  Secondly, look at the shackle material. The best shackle material on the market is high-grade alloy steel. The shackle of this material is strong, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and not easy to break.

   The current better shackles are generally made of alloy steel, which has changed the history of ordinary carbon steel in the past. National standard shackles include general lifting shackles, marine shackles and ordinary shackles. The weight is heavier and the volume is large, and it is generally not installed in a location that is not frequently disassembled. When choosing a shackle, pay attention to the safety factor, generally 4 times, 6 times and 8 times. When the shackle is used, the rated load must be strictly observed. Excessive frequent use and overload use are not allowed.


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