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Length requirement of ship anchor chain

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       Ship anchor chain refers to a special chain that connects the anchor and the hull and transmits the anchor's holding power. It is often composed of anchor end links, intermediate links and end links. According to the structure of the chain link, it can be divided into two types: gear chain and non gear chain. The former is stronger than the latter. According to the manufacturing method, the chain can be divided into cast steel chain and electric welded chain. The length of the anchor chain is in knots, and the standard length of each anchor chain is 27.5m. The internodes are connected by connecting links or connecting shackles. Usually, the chain length of the main anchor on each side of the 10,000-ton ship is about 12 knots.

       When ordering marine anchor chains, ship personnel always think that the longer the anchor chain, the better, because when the ship is anchoring, it is customary to cast the marine anchor chain very long, and think that the longer it is, the safer it is. In fact, this approach is not correct. The longer the chain, the greater the holding power of the anchor.

       In fact, ship anchor chains are not as long as possible. Too long anchor chains are prone to anchor sway, that is, ships sway, which not only cannot ensure the safety of anchored ships, but also brings safety hazards to other ships. Under normal circumstances, the length of the anchor chain is three or four times the depth of the water. If you encounter strong winds and waves or an anchorage with poor bottom quality, you must make corresponding adjustments at this time and lengthen the anchor chain appropriately.

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