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Coating method of ship anchor chain

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       Ships' chains, anchors and chain cabins are often eroded by friction and seawater, and are prone to severe rust. Therefore, coatings are required to have abrasion resistance, seawater resistance and rust prevention. The commonly used paint is coal tar pitch varnish, which is usually painted in 2 to 3 coats, and the dry film thickness reaches more than 60μm. In the use of ships, it is found that the paint film has fallen off due to bumps and other reasons, requiring timely repair. In a dry environment, use sandpaper to polish the edges of the old paint film to remove dust and dirt. Use brushing to carefully apply the asphalt paint on the chain. After 24 hours, apply the second coat, and only after 5 days. During use, do not drag and stack the anchor chain that is not completely dry.

       Shot blasting or chemical pickling treatment can be used for the surface treatment of newly-built anchor chains. Many shipyards use the rolling method to remove rust. The anchor chain is ligated with iron wire into a speed of about 3m, placed in the drum, and steel wire forging, gold steel grit, iron fragments, etc. are placed in the drum, and the motor drives the drum to rotate. The anchor chain is impacted by abrasives to remove rust. Remove the rust dust in the cylinder and on the anchor chain, then paint can be painted. Generally, it can be hung into the paint dipping cylinder for dipping construction. After 3 to 5 minutes, it is hung to dry. The shortest coating interval is 24h, usually 3 dip coatings.

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